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With over a decade experience in web consultation, development and management, Jason has skills as a Strategist, Business Analyst and Information Architect who is able to deliver solutions that work. Looks like we have made it for our deadline which is truly business critical. Really, really good stuff! We appreciate all you do and your work ethic as you do it.

Thank you all deeply, as we look to the next stage for the company! The staff members working in the medical animation studio of Ghost Productions are skilled animation programmers who understand anatomy, biological processes and medical science. Our cutting-edge technology runs in the background of all of our beautiful, front-end elements due to our experienced development team. We take accuracy seriously and, as such, each and every project is allocated a dedicated team. Technology improves year after year, allowing us to offer leading material that keeps your company on the competitive edge.

Webarchive template wayback links. Adding your medical animation into various digital sales aids can certainly help your sales team rise above their competition. By showing the device in simulated use, your reps can easily communicate key information about a product to a variety of people.

Medtronic Sinus Animation Animation. Medical animations are often employed as a method of visualizing the vast number of microscopic processes that occur in the human body.

Medical Animation

Disney, Universal Studios, U. Medical animation consequently provides potential customers with a new perspective on a virtual human body. Molecular and Cellular Biology Learning Center. Discover More Experiences. All of our requests look like they were taken care of in this last build.

Ghost Productions is recognized as a leading medical animation and interactive media company. Such techniques represent a cost- and time-saving move away from the creation of medical animations using sectioned cadavers. These animations may be found on hospital websites, in doctor's office workstations or via medical studios themselves. We are very happy and I am pleased to say we are never going anywhere else for our medical animation needs going forward! However, this latter category is also capable of illustrating atomic structures, which are often too minute to be visualized with any clarity via microscopy.

Medical device illustrations have always been key to demonstrating why products are innovative, useful and superior, but the digital transformation made traditional brochures obsolete. We introduced the medical animation to our reps on Tuesday and it was very well received. Experimental animation tools have been created as integral technology in image-guided surgery as well. North Dakota State University.

Occasionally, this form of animation is used in-hospital. Joshua Rosenberg Consulting Physician Dr.

Multiple people came up to me to tell me how much they liked it! Your creative and positive team culture is very noticable and contagious.

3D Medical Animation

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Early medical animations were limited to basic wire-frame models because of low processor speed. Contact us today to get started with a quote and proposal for your project. Due to our unique approach to medical animation that is both creative and precise, we help professionals in various medical fields present their products and ideas clearly. While animation is clearly our passion, we also understand the importance of actually hitting marketing objectives. Websites, mobile applications, and eLearning media makes it easy to deliver remote training and marketing media to anyone anwhere.

The creation of the computer-generated medical animation began in earnest in the early s. Modeling and simulation Health informatics Medical imaging Animation. Extremely satisfied with how it turned out, and had a fun time with your team as well.

Our users have been successfully transitioned to the new app. You make sure you are crystal clear on requests before moving forward, which makes the entire process run more smoothly.

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Take a look at our reel to see some of the latest advances in coronary treatment and technology. We have communicated the technology well and everything turned out not only professionally, but inspiringly. By comparison, medical animations made using only scanned data can recreate the internal structures of live patients, often in the context of surgical planning.

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Just add yourself to our newsletter below and every few months we'll send you some of our latest work for your own inspiration. My goal is to continue expanding my experiences while continuing to work on interesting engagements. The animations went down superbly. By choosing Ghost Productions as your strategic creative partner, the possibilities are endless. Its Technique and Application to the Sciences.

Diseased Knee Medical Illustration. Annals of Biomedical Science.


Journal of Forensic Sciences. The term medical animation predates the advent of computer-generated graphics by approximately three decades. Instead, mechanism of action animations may visually simplify the interaction between drug molecules and cells.

They are used in fundraising presentations, sales presentations, on websites, and at trade show booths. Our Scientific Animations.

Simple medical illustrations have been crucial to the advancement of medical inquiry, education and training since the time of Hippocrates. Some institutes use animations both to teach medical students how to perform basic surgery, and to give seasoned surgeons the chance to expand their skill set. While it may be intended for an array of audiences, the medical animation is most commonly utilized as an instructional tool for medical professionals or their patients. As a way to explain how medications work, pharmaceutical manufacturers may provide mechanism of action animations, tenali raman stories in tamil often through websites dedicated to specific prescription drugs.

We also produce dental and veterinary animations. National Library of Medicine. As a result, your sales reps can show the deployment, placement, and workings of a medical device. Explore our site for the latest in scientific storytelling, pharmaceutical animation and medical communication. University of Dayton Law Review.

Jason aims to exceed the expectations of his clients. Have only good things to say and will use Ghost again! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Molecular animations are similar in that they depict structures that are too small for the human eye to see.