It works only on bit Windows. Debugging InstallScript code requires the debug-information file Setup. This option specifies command-line parameters to be passed to the script.

Using the -delayedstart option is recommended when manually launching an additional installation after reboot for example, by using the RunOnce key. This parameter allows the setup author to always clone the setup and run it from the temporary directory, even if the setup does not meet the conditions for running from the temporary directory. This dialog is displayed by default when an update-enabled installation detects multiple previous instances. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

To learn more, see Debugging an Installation on Any Computer. If you include a splash screen, the installation automatically switches to the small progress dialog, and the splash screen is shown only during the time that the progress dialog is displayed.

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It works on bit and bit Windows.

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Quotation marks around an option's parameter are required only if the parameter contains spaces. It may be disabled when installing or after installation. Whenever you use this option and include a valid InstanceId value, the installation suppresses the instance selection dialog. This parameter indicates that the original setup should wait for the cloned setup process to complete before exiting.

Setup.exe file

This section describes valid command-line parameters for Setup. Like predefined command-line parameters, you can pass custom arguments directly to Setup. Suppresses the display of any small and standard progress dialogs that might be shown during initialization.

Suppresses display of the dialog that is displayed by an update-enabled installation to let the end user select which instance of your product will be updated. No installation is required. Also note that if this parameter is specified and it is valid, the language dialog if enabled is automatically suppressed. Note that this does not work if the Setup. When this command-line option is used and an update-enabled installation detects multiple previous instances, the installation creates a new instance.

If you want to pass more than one argument to Msiexec. Suppresses the display of the splash screen if one is included. Copyright Information Contact Us.

Response files are created by running Setup. To generate a log named InstallShield. In the Release Wizard, for a Web Downloader build, you can specify a download location for your. The build engine automatically creates an installation that supports Setup. Leave empty to search for all tools.

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Use this option if you are launching the installation from a Web page manually. Some of the command-line options apply to only certain project types. Note also that as with any public Windows Installer property, this property should be specified with all uppercase letters. Hide search and browse box. If an installation contains InstallShield prerequisites and you want to extract them from Setup.

This is just a piece of crap and a waste of time. This option indicates that the installation should run in the specified language as specified. Click to enlarge screenshot Click to enlarge screenshot. Special Installation Modes.

If you configured the password-related settings for your release on the Setup. Using these parameters, end users can specify such data as the language that the installation should run in and whether to launch Setup.

Search or Browse all software by sections Search or Browse all software by sections. Passing Data to the Installation. Command-line options that require a parameter must be specified with no space between the option and its parameter. Using this command-line parameter to launch an installation that includes an InstallShield prerequisite does not automatically run the prerequisite installation silently. The tool is useless unless you pay.

You can use directory properties and environment variables in the path for the feature prerequisite log file. Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions. Specifies the amount of time in seconds by which initialization of the installation is delayed after Setup. How to capture anything with Obs Studio. Use this command line to run the installation in record mode.

In addition, in order to debug an installation on a system other than your development machine, you need to copy certain files from your development machine to the debugging machine. Creating a Setup Launcher.

Open topic with navigation. Note that this option is not needed when the installation starts automatically after reboot for example, due to a call to SdFinishReboot before reboot. This parameter is ignored if the setup is a self-extracting executable file. Project-specific information is listed for each option.

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It may not contain the latest versions. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don't want!

For an InstallScript project, running the command Setup. This information about user-defined command-line parameters applies to InstallScript projects. In addition, this option is added automatically if the built-in Setup. The small progress dialog is usually used for installations that display a splash screen during initialization, 2002 hindi movies since a standard-size progress dialog does not leave any space for the splash screen.

Setup.exe file