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Clear currently playing song. Rita is now a ward of the Judge, who suspects that the new man in her life is no good. Raj refuses but ends up stealing a necklace from a man on the street, not knowing the man was the Judge. Raj is ashamed, still believing he is no good for her, but she forgives him.

Awaara is considered a milestone in the history of Bollywood. University of Minnesota Press. Yeh Sham Mastani Kishore Kumar.

University of British Columbia. Amar Prem - Kishore Kumar. Raj grows up into a talented criminal, going in and out of short stays in jail, and working for Jagga's gang, while his mother is under the impression that he is an honest businessman. The film's success in both the Soviet Union and China has been attributed to the socialist themes expressed in the film. Raj never forgets Rita, keeping her birthday picture in his home, though he worries that she would dislike him if she knew what kind of man he has grown into.

He snatches a woman's purse when she steps out of the car, but finds no keys, and pretends to pursue the thief to release suspicion from himself. Their chemistry was electrifying and it crackles with raw passion in Raj Kapoor's Awaara.

Chala Jata Hoon Kishore Kumar. Filmography Awards and nominations.

She decides that Raj is not bad, but was forced into committing crimes by bad influence and the desperation of living in poverty. Rita persuades him that Raj acted in self-defense and is innocent.

Rita goes to Raj's mother and learns his whole life story. Are you sure you want to continue? Life in the Socialist Chinese Literary System. After his elaborate act, he returns the purse to the woman, who is charmed by his personality and apparent selflessness.

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Automatically playing similar songs. The music for this film was composed by Shankar Jaikishan while the songs were written by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri. Jagga mocks his attempts to reform and asks him to commit more crimes. Raj enters and fights him off, easeus partition master home edition for windows 7 killing Jagga in self-defense.

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While planning a bank robbery with his friends, Raj realises they need an automobile. The Culture of Movie-going After Stalin. Jagga hides in Raj's house, where Leela recognizes him and he attacks her. While he awaits his execution, Raj is visited by Judge Raghunath, who finally accepts that Raj is his son and tearfully asks for forgiveness.

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He escapes from jail and tries to kill the Judge for revenge, but is stopped by Rita. Rita invites him to her birthday party, to the disapproval of the Judge, who believes that the impoverished Raj must come from a bad family.

Awara Mp3 Songs Free Download

Indian Popular Films as Social History. We are in a delicate situation with Raj Kapoor. Raj chooses not to defend his actions and says that he is a bad man. Meanwhile, Jagga and the gang commit the bank robbery, but it goes wrong and they have to run from the police. Raj goes to the Judge to ask if he can marry Rita, but the Judge is still stubborn and turns him away.

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar - Kishore Kumar. Kati Patang - Kishore Kumar. Aaj Ei Dintake Kishore Kumar.

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But Raj becomes angrier at the Judge for making him and his mother suffer. Rimjhim Gire Sawan Kishore Kumar.

Mayekar Production company. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was the most popular playback singer of his time and his recordings are still best-sellers.