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Excellent score in our hands-on malware blocking test. Safe In Cloud Free secure password manager.

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Best Antivirus Software For 2013

Nemp Free portable music player with remote control. They're all examples of how a good pile of code can take on a new life when it's set free with an open source license. New Pay Guard protects online transactions. You can dig in for a detailed description of how we test security software. Light on system resources.

New machine-learning tool flags malware. MasterSeeker Free quickly find files or folders on your computer. Simple Watcher Monitor your folders on local storage or over the network. Decrap Get rid of bloatware that comes pre-installed on computers. Toastify If you listen to Spotify on your Windows machine and want to add the missing global hotkey functionality, then this app is a must-have.

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VoodooShield takes a whitelist approach to antivirus protection, but without getting in the user's way. It's quite a deal, and the current edition adds some new and useful features. The Norton Antivirus also has strong robust protection built in against exploits. With antivirus disabled, ransomware-specific features missed one uncommon sample.

Prevents non-whitelisted programs from launching when computer is at risk. He was present at the formation of the Association of Shareware Professionals, and served on its board of directors. So-so phishing protection score. In My Diary Free personal diary and information manager.

Best Antivirus Software For

The iPhone was incredibly popular, and attracting any attention was a challenge. When you connect to the wild and wooly internet, you risk the possibility that your data could be compromised in transit. Get daily tips in your inbox.

Can work in conjunction with traditional antivirus. Monosnap Free capture and share your desktop. In addition, it earned mediocre scores in our hands-on antivirus testing. Live-chat tech support built in. Device control too complex for most users.

Best Antivirus Software For

What is notable is that many of the newest open source tools are already on the front lines in enterprise shops. Puran File Recovery Free recover deleted or formatted files. We call it antivirus, but in truth it's unlikely you'll get hit with an actual computer virus. SmartDeblur An innovative application that quickly gets rid of unwanted Gaussian blur, lens blur and motion blur effects from images. Some of the awards go to a core of old-fashioned tools that continue to grow more robust.

MindMaple Mind mapping is a great way for brainstorming, and this app does a great job of providing you with the best solution. The same forces are turned loose in every corner of business computing, from application development and big data analytics to the software that runs our desktops, data centers, and clouds. Unchecky is a small tool that can help you prevent accidental acceptance of third party sponsor offers during software installations. However, chiranjeevi film songs the downside of this software is that it has very slow boot time.

The cloud companies are using open source's flexibility as a way to lure people into their infrastructures. Dexclock Spice up your desktop with beautiful, dynamic clock wallpapers. Lacks additional protection layers found in many competitors. Reboot Restore Rx This system restore utility is a much improved alternative to the default one found in Windows.

Mozilla Archive Format Free save a complete copy of a web page. Very good antiphishing score. Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free manage your disk partitions. File Rplacer Saves a ton of time if you constantly find the need to replace your backup files with their updated versions.

Multi-layered ransomware protection. Perfect scores from four independent testing labs. Good score in our hands-on malware-blocking test. Sports Republic Yet another awesome Windows Store app that allows you to keep a tab on your favorite sport.

Bossies The Best of Open Source Software Awards

The Best Antivirus Protection for

Software has flaws, and sometimes those flaws affect your security. Mac edition less feature-rich than Windows or Android. When the software is running on cars, refrigerators, washing machines, and even mobile phones, that's what the rest of the world needs too. File Scavenger file undelete and data recovery utility. However, it gets mixed scores in our hands-on tests.

No multi-device licensing. MouseController Looking for a way to record your mouse movement sequences and automatically repeat them to accomplish repetitive tasks easily?

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The best open source big data tools. The best open source admin tools.

The Best Antivirus Protection for

Good scores in hands-on tests. You'll even find products that enhance their automatic malware protection with the expertise of human security technicians. Note that we have reviewed many more antivirus utilities than we could include in the chart of top products. It features complete remote management, specific Twitter and Facebook protection, secure browsing for online transactions and stellar malware phishing and blocking protection.

It even features free Mobile protection for the smartphones and tablets. KuaiZip Free file compression utility. By default, does not delete found malware. Behavior-based DeepGuard detects brand-new malware.

It is really powerful and comprehensive antivirus software. Protects against banking Trojans, keyloggers, ransomware, and exploits.