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It was the last and hardest blow for Billie to take. In Sinatra recorded the song again for his Only the Lonely album, it would be nice to think it was Billie that had once again inspired him. It was during her time with John Levy.

Fiquei muito feliz em encontrar seu site com tanto material sobre ela. Not to mention, no record label would touch it.

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Two months later she was in hospital having collapsed from drug use. There is no reference in it about the song or Harding. Just over a month later Billie Holiday died, still in hospital, still under arrest.

Unfortunately, no recordings are known. She also went to Honolulu.

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When Billie performed it, live audiences could be stunned into silence, while men as well as women would weep. This site is really beautiful tribute to Billie Holiday, and I bow my head and kiss Your feet for it. But, if you notice the box at the side, doc epub converter there is clearly said the the composers are Billie and Mal Waldron. This is one of seven songs written by or co-written by Holiday that she never recorded.

The audiencewas not use to jazz! Some of these compositions have been recorded by some other singers.

Regards from Rio de Janeiro Paulo. Tempos sem Youtube ou Google! The Jazz Biography Series. Therefore, when I describe all the live tracks or sessions, I point this box-set as the source to hear. Send me your suggestions and let me know if I can be of any further help.

16 Most Requested Songs - Billie Holiday

In the info under the video, you may find a few lines written by me on that subject. Who Was Mr Tambourine Man? All the books I have about her were lost through divorce, but my memory and devotion to her never dies. This track came out only in in a Columbia Long Play.

Despite being in hospital she was arrested. Detailed Site Map of Links. Born in the poor part of Baltimore to two teenage parents, Billie turned to music as a way to support herself.

This is not a criticism, just an observation. Follow the Billie Holiday Best Of playlist here. The Essential Rare Collection. Gratis, pode ser no You Tube.

It was not an easy engagement for Billie. She was heavy into alcohol and heroin, which, along with her tempestuous love life, often got in the way of her career. First paragraph wrongly says that that song was written by Billie and Harding.

More from Billie Holiday More. Conducted by Gordon Jenkins, the orchestra balances out her subtle singing with dramatic string crescendos and woodwind lines. Best greetings from Rio de Janeiro.

How sad that her former manager and his family receive the benefits of her music and hard work. However I need to seek permission. Many of its tracks are only found in this compilation.

Billie Holiday was complex. Hi Paulo, Do you have a list of those songs which Billie Holiday wrote, but did not record. The Millennium Collection. Fine And Mellow - Golden Classics.

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With your excellent work, I am now going to be able to! Glad to learn of her engagements in Italy and Las Vegas. The Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer classic is one that Frank Sinatra made his own, recording it for the first time a decade before Billie. If you have the original lyrics, I would appreciate to have it.

Over the next twelve months Billie recorded about a dozen more sides with Teddy before going into the studio under her own name, with her own orchestra. Regards from Rio de Janeiro.

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