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The love story of this couple is considered to be as good as any hit masala Bollywood flick. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are one of the most adored couples in Bollywood. Downloading movies and songs on the go has never been so simple.

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Om Khan is a junior artist in love with superstar Shanti Padukone in the s. Not just on-screen couples but also some real-life couples are looked up as inspiration. Amitabh Bachchan excels as the simmering Vijay, who turns to criminality to provide for his mum, while brother Ravi Kapoor becomes a cop.

With the films, it has given us some epic love stories where two actors manage to create so much chemistry that their pairing proves to be a hit not once, but multiple times. This ultimate romance also raised the bar impossibly high for guys chasing girls. The big scene A minute medley of songs from other films. Writer-director Vikas Bahl displays a strong flair for capturing human behaviour and peppers a simple story with lovable characters and witty lines. The film entrenched the idea of the pure, self-sacrificing mother figure as synonymous with the notion of an idealised Indian Hindu nation.

Billionaire Yashvardhan Bachchan is an authoritarian who banishes his adopted son Rahul Khan for marrying a woman against his wishes. He drenches his always-timely message of respect for all faiths in immeasurable imperial pomp. The film dances that fine line between parody and celebration like no mainstream Hindi film before or since. In the present day, Om is now a superstar out to exact revenge on Mehra, now settled in Hollywood. Hope your primarily unquenchable thirst is well quenched.

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Karisma Kapoor plays the doe-eyed princess to perfection, and Khalid Mohamed, son of actress Zubeida Begum, wrote the script, based on the tragic life story of his own mother. We would like to hear from you all.

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When he kills a small-time thief, he is forced to seek protection from the same politician he loathes. He tattoos memory prompts all over his body. Here, Johar brought together a dream cast to play a fractured family.

Full of spite, Devdas goes on a drinking binge and ends up in the arms of a dancing girl, Chandramukhi Dixit. The big scene When the mine siren sounds, the entire workforce and surrounding village rush to help. Filmmaker Guru Dutt, known for bringing tragic stories to celluloid, plays Vijay, a struggling writer whose two best friends happen to be a streetwalker and a masseuse. The big scene Rahul and Rohan reunite after several years.

You can change your city from here. This might also prove out be a gem for you too. As the film was blockbuster at the box-office, they both planned for the London trip.

Even has some old Hollywood movies in the collection. We are sure that it will melt your hearts right away.

Big B often shares old pictures with his wifey on special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversary. Post their marriage, the actress decided to leave her career. But their true love passed every test and soon they tied the knot.

The big scene When the lovers reunite in a Pakistani courtroom after being apart for over two decades. How to get Amazon Alexa on Android and iPhone.

En route, they bond over some meaningful songs and food. During that time, there were a lot of rumours about his affairs and likings towards Raveena Tandon, Pooja Batra and Shilpa Shetty.

Inevitably, their paths must cross. When Karan returns after completing his education abroad, he realises his brother has become a gangster working for Anna Patekar.

Evergreen couples of Bollywood. Users also have access to the Evergreen Bollywood collection which will have all the hit old songs to take you back in time. This is true epic filmmaking, with magnificent sets, huge battle scenes with hundreds of real elephants, elaborate costumes, grand theft auto vice city google play an evergreen score and naturalistic acting. You will get the latest Bollywood movies on this site.

If you would like to stream free Bollywood movies on your smartphone then you can get Showbox app from Showbox One and enjoy movie experience on your smartphone. On a special occasion, he took to her Twitter profile to wish his lady lone and thanked her for all the love and laughter. The big scene When Salim sees the exposed feet of the sleeping, covered Sahibjaan, he is immediately smitten. If you are among those who love to get hold of latest songs at the earliest, then this is the perfect place for you. And along with the videos, there are some movies which are uploaded on the Youtube.

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