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Double precision data for the selected differential pressure conversion factor. Cancel Button Select the Cancel button to close the water vapor correction factor dialog box and cancel any changes made. The items for this section vary depending on the selected meter type. Pipe Schedule Drop down list box for selecting the pipe schedule.

Double precision data output for calculated throat velocity. Pressing any underscored character on the keyboard immediately selects the associated item while the menu is active. Liquid flow sizing equations may be selected from either specific gravity or density form.

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The Input Sizing Data menu command sets the input focus to the first data item for the Sizing Data screen section. The Control-Soft software registration card. Double precision data input for specific heat ratio K for gases or vapors. Selected fluid is in the vapor state at base conditions! Since many of these settings are printer-specific, they may not all be available for your particular printer.

Tap Style Text box where you define the tap style required, e. Like critical drop nozzles, this menu item is disabled unless the critical drop sizing mode has been selected. In addition, the user can select to print to a printer or electronic file. Local gravity correction factor.

Honed M eter Run small bore pipe meter run consisting of upstream and downstream honed pipe sections, orifice flanges and concentric bore orifice plate. Note that this screen area will change to the defined fluid properties for the chosen fluid. Flow meter index printout from within a project database. The selections available for this menu are.

Pipe M aterial Selection Drop down list box that lists all the available materials. Gas or vapor critical flow calculation with density equation molecular weight of gas or vapor.

Absolute static pressure at upstream-tap flowing conditions. Critical Drop Restriction Sizing Sets the calculation mode to determine the sizing parameter for a critical drop application. Plate Type Group of options you use to select the critical drop orifice plate type.

FE-Sizer 3.45.2

Use the Datasheet pop-up menu from the File menu to enter data sheet information or clear data sheet data for the current tag number record. Segmental orifice plate height. Enabled data inputs are highlighted. Qm Gas or liquid maximum volumetric flow rate at base conditions.

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The calculated discharge flow coefficient is outside the range for the discharge coefficient correlation. The Meter Data pop-up menu is used to set the meter type and various meter settings to define the flow meter application. To fix this situation you should either reduce your sizing differential pressure or increase the inlet pressure, or both.

Flow Meter Sizing

Saves the current uncertainty data to the fesizer. Aerotech Motor Sizer is developed by Aerotech, lion king 1 game Inc. Graphic Viewers Download Batch Sizer is the simple visible solution to resing your digital photos and images for publication on the net or ot send to friends and family. The only limitation of this program is that you can not save translated text. Activates pop-up menu for property correlation.

Pv Vapor pressure of liquid at flowing temperature. Plate M aterial Selection Drop down list box that lists all the available orifice materials. The bore sizing parameter calculates the meter bore, the dP parameter calculates the meter differential, and the flow parameter calculates the flow across the meter. For this dialog box, you use the mouse to select a tag record from the scrolling list box. If you want to replace or overwrite the existing data in the project database, press y for yes.

For this input, manually enter any desired drain or vent hole diameter in the indicated units. Double precision data for the selected velocity conversion factor. The current operating or flowing temperature is outside temperature limits of the selected element material.

FE-Sizer User Manual

It can use a small picture to locate a point on the screen, which makes it very flexible. Next, select the calculation mode from the Calculation Mode options group.

Please refer to the description for this dialog box for reference. Cancel Button Select the Cancel button to close the liquid factor dialog box and cancel any changes made. If the item is not visible, use the scroll button on the right side of the list box to scroll the item into view. Enter the desired relative humidity of the vapor used in calculating the water vapor correction factor. Double precision data output for the water vapor correction factor.