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As Garfield, you must clean up Odie's mess before John comes home if you want to win a big piece of lasagna. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. The side-scrolling hop-n-bop gamepiay is straightforward and simple - Garfield's just trying to get from one end of each level to the other. Major points of criticism included boring gameplay, Odie constantly attacking the player and poor graphics. Avoid obstacles and enemies to clear the various levels.

Novices are Garfield's target audience. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. These are not important to the game, but add interest.

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You can purchase clothing and accessories for Garfield with your earned money, such as hats, glasses, clothing and themes, as well as themes, jungle, island and winter themes. He dreams of the Alps, and that reminds him of northern Italy - which reminds him of lasagna! Download Garfield - Caught in the Act. Ride the parrot to get close enough to this pirate boss to nail him with bombs. Garfield fortifies himself with his favorite foods, including lasagna and pepperoni pizza.

Other Garfield cronies also make cameo appearances. If the player fails to clean up the house in time, Jon returns to find the house in shambles, pirates 2008 and yells at Garfield.

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Train Your Brain brings you fun-filled and immersive brain games that will help test and train your brain! Serious gamers won't find much to like, however, primarily because of the inefficient controls. Garfield - Caught in the Act. The levels he must conquer are challenging, diverse and lead through different periods of television time.

Garfield Kart is a no holds barred cross-country race with the world's most famous cat at the steering wheel. You'll need to use logic and strategy to discover the locations of the mice without uncovering them. This cat's easy to control as he hops from obstacle to obstacle. Then follow up by pelting him with coconuts until he's beaten. Help him fight phantoms, neutralize negative auras and push his ecto-containment skills to their limit!

Are you sure you want to purchase it? If you thrill to the sight of Garfield as a King Tut kitty or a saber-toothed dino-cat, you might like this game. Share on Facebook Tweet Gift this game. Customize Garfield with fun accessories and add power-ups. About This Game Use your best driving skills and the bonus objects to be first across the finish line!

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In Garfield's dreams, he can fly! Play Now Download the full version. He can also grab objects to toss at his foes. The action is your standard platform walk-and-throw with Garfield donning appropriate costumes for each level and Odie morphing into cute enemies. Whether beginners will be patient enough to overcome the controls is another question.

Garfield s Wild Ride

Play Now Download the free trial This game will not work on your operating system. Jon scolds Garfield for scratching his favorite chair, eating his lasagna and shredding his favorite suit. Mark Evanier Comic strip switcheroo.

You must help Garfield defeat Dargis by completing missions in four areas of the castle. Players who are seeking a fair and challenging action title for their portable, need to check this game out.

This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. It is slow, but it isn't really a bad means of protection. To beat the first level's vampire boss, swat the bats and jump up to open the shades.

What character do you want to play with? The sounds are above average for the Game Gear, featuring unobtrusive tunes and just the right sound effects. Learn the ropes on the training course or brave the dangers of the Diamond course.

It's All About Phonics - Kindergarten. Pick up Pookies in the bonus rounds to gain extra lives. Browse games Game Portals.

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Garfield's Trivia Party is social, entertaining, and a fun challenge between friends. Give it a try, but not when your in a hurry, enjoy! The player can only hold three items, and must go to storage boxes to store items they do not need at the moment. To make changes, use the Edit or Cancel buttons. The player must clean these rooms to collect keys to open locked rooms, with color coded keys corresponding to their respective door.

Just click on the screen to take off and release to descend. Threat of the Space Lasagna. So the player has to free Odie as often as possible. You will have to jump over umbrellas crates and whatever else gets in your way, but there are also things you want to collide with.

Player can also save the game at these storage boxes. Game Boy It's the anti-specter squadron everyone loves!