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Moderato by Sergei Stadler. No problem, you can easily reset your password and choose a new one. Sonata for Viola and Piano op.

Poco adagio - Molto allegro. Epic cinematic trailer music with powerful motivational and heroic mood. Great for timelapse, trailers, travel presentations and video projects. Here is an inspiring, cute, romantic and emotional instrumental music with a French atmosphere. Great for rustic, medieval or Celtic style projects.

Royalty free Violin music

This is an instrument that is capable of covering every extreme of human emotions and it can do so in an instant. Beautiful epic motivational track with powerful inspiring and heroic mood. Happy loop, daily expense tracker excel sheet with a country village Wild West atmosphere. Growing to a crescendo and eventually into a climax. This sensitive piano piece resembles the music of Joe Hisaishi or Yiruma.

Amazing Grace Cinematic Variation. Download the latest version here. Johann Sebastian Bach - publ. Very intimate, quite and a very beautiful track featuring a bittersweet piano and violin. Allemande by Conrad von der Goltz.


In the very first part the piano doubled by pizzicato strings introduce the melody, then all string and woodwind players come into play. Patrick's Day celebration, Gaelic fairytale, fantasy film, nature landscape, etc. Help us with donations or by making music available! The melody edges towards upper-class projects, great if combined with wine, food or contemporary themed projects. Giga by Conrad von der Goltz.

Royalty free Violin music

Allegro non molto - Allegro. Confused about which format you need? Larghetto by Bohuslav Matousek and Petr Adamec.

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Violin and Piano Sonata No. There is plenty of space and it would work great for film underscore. Sad Ghost Story is a piece that evokes the sadness of a misguided spirit using quiet piano and harp melodies. Film music as it should be. An Emotional Heartfelt Plea.

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Heartful and emotive tune with sad and hopeful melody. It is funny music like the music of Jews from Odessa. Perfect for any sweet lovely or travel projects, love in Paris, honeymoon videos, or romantic comedy.

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Royalty Free Sad Violin Music Sad Violin Stock Music

Theme from Schindler's List - Violin Part. Relentless pace that supports the melody of the violin. An ethereal vocal and violin join the proceedings and add the finishing touches.

Portals - Piano Accompaniment. Great for drama and melancholic films, sentimental and slow videos, thoughtful and melodrama projects. Romantic Pieces for Violin and Piano, Op.

At The Italian Restaurant. Ideal sad background music for broken heart, deep sadness, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow and memorial video. Magical Epic Adventure is a powerful cinematic orchestra track that features inspirational strings that create a wonderful magic and majestic atmosphere. Based on acoustic guitar and beautiful violins, all played by real musicians. Game of Thrones Main Theme.

Royalty Free Sad Violin Music Sad Violin Stock Music

Best suits for nature videos, love stories, time lapse, memorial video etc. Petersburg Soloists Concerto No. Also good for fantasy or sci-fi, perhaps an uprising or marching to war. Great for mysterious documentary films, scary and horror background, fear and thriller trailer, drama and cinematic piano intro, criminal and danger scenes and much more. Allemande by Conrad von der Goltz Partita No.

Great for movie trailer, motivational scenes, adventures games and other projects. Main themes are heroism, superhero power, patriotism. Song from a Secret Garden. Uplifting, positive film music Hollywood-style.

Molto moderato e maestoso. The heroes are revered and celebrated. Best suits for nature scene, evocative moments, sad love stories etc.