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The left side of the handset features two slots covered with plastic stripes. Games Freeware Moto X Mayhem - is a new breathtaking arcade for smartphones. Anyway, its construction looks pretty sturdy with no apparent flaws.

Need for Speed Undercover. The touchscreen lacks the tactile feedback feature.

Excellent music phone but hard to master touch interface

Nokia XpressMusic, code-named Tube, is the latest Nokia addition to the XpressMusic series portfolio, but the first to feature a touch interface. Maemo Nokia Internet Tablet. There's no dragging or swiping on the touchscreen, as Nokia didn't implement these functions. Which apps do you have on it? Still, dr.stika plus software I have discovered that not all apps are fully compatible.

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The camera is protected by a metallic frame to avoid possible scratches. How to start using Zain mobile carrier? The sound is very good at both ends, and pretty loud too. Games Freeware A racing arcade with famous characters of video games world is now in your mobile.

While the shiny compound on the front will catch a few fingerprints, that's not the case with the large touchscreen, which gets cover in grease in no time. Nokia Handwriting Calculator.

Nokia 5800 and N97 Games Solitaire Card Game for Symbian S60 5th Ed

It quickly pin-points you even when the phone is indoors. Files can be automatically sorted by artist, genre, and album.

With the proximity sensor you can silence a call by turning it upside down. The layout of the menu didn't change too much, except maybe the fact that you can now organize your applications the way you want to.

It is pretty obvious what they do, so I won't bug you with more details. The system works by using part of the screen for displaying the essential buttons required by the program. Still, one of the greatest trumps of the handset is its cheap price compared to other touchscreen phones on the market. The device features proximity sensor for auto turn-off and accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate. Checking your phone being pressing the lock screen to look at notifications?

It seems to be in beta testing and doesn't offer too much functionality. Go up on the trampoline and land softly otherwise your motorcycle will be damaged. Home Contacts Sitemap Terms of Use.

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Pressing and holding the Menu key middle key will bring up the Task manager where you can see what apps are running in the background. You will need to complete tracks leaving your opponents behind, as well as fight with them for the champion title. Bounce and Global Racing Thunder.

Emails do not get deleted. Most third party softwares like dictionary do not work. The candybar is manufactured from two different kinds of plastic. Every new level is more difficult than the previous one and you will need more effective weapons. This is a first person game which uses the camera of your smartphone.

Nokia 5800 and N97 Games Solitaire Card Game for Symbian S60 5th Ed

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There's a wide range of tips and tricks that I wrote about, so check them out here and here. Fire, Water, Earth and Air. In terms of messaging, the phone offers a complete solution accepting all available message types. Games Freeware This is a simple and fascinating brain twister game. Rush through many fascinating levels in this easy but really engrossing game from Occamy Games.

Above the screen, on the right, you'll notice an Ambient light sensor, a secondary video-call camera and for those who didn't know, a touch key that opens the Multimedia bar. Reception is very good and sound is above average. It is now available in your pocket any time when you want to play this fast fascinating game! General phone operation is not user friendly.

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The back cover is made of a rubber-like plastic, which, as opposed to the one on the front, is frosted. Windows Mobile Smartphone. Autorun Virus Removal Free. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Take part in the fascinating adventurous race, prove that you are inborn driver and accept the most risky challenges.

The vibration alert is also above average in intensity, so you don't really need to set it to higher levels. When you put it on any kind of surface the rubber-like plastic on the back cover ensures that the phone won't glide or fall off. Alarm clock can be accessed by clicking on the clock in the upper left corner. Random Application for Nokia XpressMusic. At the bottom left you'll discover a very slim stylus made of cheap plastic.

You can forward, rewind, pause the clips, or choose to see the movies in full screen. You can also snooze the alarm clock using the same method. Can you help these kittens to complete the game?