Please read below for details. Remote Control, to command simulation from the remote located computer by the instructor. The program builds good habits to rely on later in a real driving situation. You can make smart driving a habit.

What is the SimuRide Home Edition

SimuRide Professional - Driving Simulator. SimuRide Home Driving Simulator. SimuRide - The Professional Driving Simulator is an interactive, catholic hymns to three dimensional computer program that allows users to experience driving in a safe and controlled environment.

Reversing, the driver has to turn his head back like in a real vehicle. See the hardware requirements section on the bottom of this page for details. The visual scenes reproduce city, highway, country, maze, and maneuvering parking lot environments, with or without traffic and with different obstacles. Small Package and Full Setup. It teaches students to use an automatic, passenger vehicle with or without a small trailer attached.

Pedestrian Crossings are added. Stay happy with our technical support. The addition of a clutch pedal allows for advanced driving techniques such as heel-and- toe downshifting.

The police and emergency vehicle settings are one of many real world-based options that drivers can choose from. Truck-driver students can easily practice driving a semi truck in city traffic, taking wide turns, or backing up a long, straight road to a dock. The steering wheel set is needed to practice with the trial version. Ask a question about this product. Driving Simulator for People with Disabilities SimuRide is also a driving Simulator for the people with special needs.

Nervous drivers can get a feel for the steps they have to take when starting a vehicle, turning and parking. This feature forces the student to turn his or her head and realistically imitates the driving environment.

Please contact us for the shipping quote. Having used the trial version, we are confident that you will want to upgrade to the full version! To increase the difficulty level, various atmospheric conditions can be applied. SimuRide - Driving Simulator. More practice makes everyone safer.

SimuRide Professional - Driving Simulator

By practicing on a simulator, students can calmly pick up necessary skills. Coordination Challenge Reaction Time Course. Graphics and display modified. It gives you the option of printing user reports. Sharpen skills such as parallel parking, merging, and passing with any plug-and-play computer steering wheel set.

Simuride HE - Home Car Driving Simulator Software

Added Roundabout circular intersection scenario. What is the SimuRide Home Edition?

SimuRide and all drivers are pre-installed and necessary setup completed. It contains all previous upgrades and updates. The software is modified and contains new functionality and features. This should allow you enough time to test and explore the many functions and benefits of the SimuRide Professional Edition without the full price tag.

Simuride PE Professional Driving Simulator Software & Hardware

SimuRide - Driving Simulator SimuRide Professional - Driving Simulator

Wipers, fog lights and horn implemented. Number of files and size of the program decreased.

Together with a vehicle weight increase, the physics of a vehicle changes as well. What skills can you practice with Home Edition driving simulator? Traffic and number of vehicles increased.

Some improvements for the Left Hand Traffic. We offer technical support for all our customers. Driver Fatigue Evaluation Tool.

Weight of vehicles can be changed from empty, half full and full loaded. The virtual driving simulation tool to teach driving passenger and commercial vehicles.

It makes learning how to drive more fun for the student driver. The steering wheel turns degrees and provides resistance during driving maneuvers. All these components are available in our On-Line Store. Please note that we are unable to guarantee the same seat type and color, as pictured. Take a look through our Web site and learn more.

Added Help function to main Menu. Option to use with different and custom made controllers. This video is vital and explains in detail how to install and setup the simulator program and the steering wheel with pedals. Rough data available for advance research.

Simuride PE versions

When a truck travels along a curved path, centrifugal force causes it to lean away from the direction of the curve. Add to Cart Click to add this item to cart.

Windows, SimuRide and all drivers are pre-installed as well as necessary setup completed. Parents or owners of vehicles for practice limit their use when fuel or risk of accident is a large concern. The visual scenes reproduce city, highway, country, maze and manoeuvring lot environments, with or without traffic and with different obstacles. This package has everything you will need to start your Driving Simulator experience right away! Offering this feature we help beginner drivers to practice not only automatic, but also manual transmission vehicles, driving on the left side of the road.

Record printing and saving with a student name available. Sequential shift mode for programs that do not support six-speed mode, the shifter can easily be changed into sequential mode. Turkish languages is implemented.