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Only heat the palm oil n mix with others or heat all olis? Do you have a tutorial on rebatching soap? If so, which one and what changes did you make and I can help you troubleshoot more.

Your post has me excited to do it again! You can cut the soap into bars right away or later. You can learn from every soap maker some new. It could be that not enough liquid was used, or too much dry ingredients were added things like oatmeal, or clay. Jan Have you tried honeysuckle?

For the green I used chlorella powder from MountainRoseHerbs. My question is on coloring the soap. The dandelion bar has a small bit of honey scent, but is otherwise unscented. Handling lye can be dangerous.

This was the best thing we could do with the lard since we never would use lard for cooking. Thank you for sharing your post! Did you enjoy learning how to make soap using the cold process method? If making melt and pour soap is akin to using a cake mix, cold process is making your cake from scratch.

Hi Sandra, thank you so much! Then stop before it thickens too much.

Later I realize that I could cope with it. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. It breaks down a lot of myths about soapmaking and has mainly basic techniques for cold processing. Hooray for making your first soap!

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About the calculator, after inputting all the oil, will the result show me how much water I should add also? Method one is the easiest way!

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Your water is spot on though. You sure can use honeysuckle. Or should I mix somewhere else. Always add the lye to the liquid and not the other way around. Looking forward to being able to do some of the crafts after I heal from knee surgery.

Yes, you could use both mint or rosemary infused olive oil instead of sunflowers, and mint tea can be used as well. Also, wondering is that parchment paper you line it with? From safety to soap recipes to essential oil blends.

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To this day I still go back and review those books whether it is recipes, formulation or help with troubleshooting. When I first started making soap back in I purchased books from the mothers and fathers of soapmaking. Will this dissipate as they cure? She hand quilted around the hearts and the seams of the blocks. Without Sawing a Single Piece of Wood!

This book had nice basic recipes as well as fun ideas for using more exotic oils. Best of all making your own melt and pour soap is fun and very easy to clean up! Some people like to use them when about ten degrees different. The biggest issue is that if your lye mixture is too cool, it might not completely act on your oil. Please keep adding to your recipes, I am fascinated!

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If you let me know some more details about your recipe I might be able to pinpoint a cause. Sounds like you are doing a great job making soap! Handle the lye with proper protective gloves and eye wear along with a healthy dose of respect. The spine is great, all pages are intact and none are torn or written on. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

That will be a wonderful hobby to do together! Also, what kind of cooking thermometer do you suggest? This happened to me the first several batches. Thank you heaps and I really enjoy chatting with you here. For the most part you can cure various soaps together, unless they have a really strong scent.

Learn about the beneficial properties of base oils, essential oils and herbs. My dad with severe asthma does okay with peppermint essential oil, but otherwise I keep his unscented as well. Will the castil soap take on the lavender scent? It does get quite confusing figuring out mold sizes!

What soap making books do you cherish and keep in your soap making library. When I first started making soap using hot process I was putting crushed up herb leaves as an additive, thenkasi pattanam songs mp3 but it never turned out smelling like at all like the herb. We used to make soap in a cast iron pot. Click on any soap making book title or image for more information from the authors or Amazon.

Wish I could be more help! Is your soap base melting completely? Your soap is only as good as the base you purchase.

Hey Future Soapmaker you ve landed in the right place. HIGH FIVE

There is a wealth if knowledge in this. The soap is ready to use as soon as it hardens. Totally unrelated, I love the heart quilt. To slow down trace, you can increase the amount of water in a recipe, and also mix when temperatures are on the cooler side under degrees F. Just wondering if they would be ok to add.

Unmold and slice into bars. In the past I bought some from my local Tractor Supply store as well. With a digital scale do you have to measure each container to zero out the scale and then add the ingredients to the containers?