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Certain songs will not play on iPhone 5

Start listening to your music. What is complicated about iTunes? Find a song or artist to listen to. Then set it to synchronise either all or just the folders you choose.

How to Play Music and Movies on Your iPhone 5 - dummies

All I wondered is whether this is possible for music files also. Follow the on-screen instructions. Your sound system is only as good as your cell phone? ReverbNation Discover has a black icon with a red star. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

This occurs because the iPhone can only contain songs from a single iTunes library. Then it creates a station based with songs from the artist and similar sounding artists. You can find your downloaded music by tapping the My Music tab at the bottom of the screen, voice cutter software and then tapping the Songs tab at the top. Your music will begin adding to your iPhone.

Tap a library in your area that you have a library membership with. It's one of the category boxes at the top of the page below the banner. Start iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone. Find a station to listen to. This displays a list of genres.

Click Proceed to checkout. Click Free for a song or album you want to download.

To play an entire album or playlist, tap the Play triangle on the album, artists, or playlist page. This displays a pop-up menu with the option to Play, or Enqueue a track.

Then when you click Sync it should copy the music across. Your iPhone's icon won't show up for a few seconds, so don't worry if you don't see it immediately after. You can do this by synchronizing your computer's iTunes library onto your iPhone, by purchasing music in your iPhone's iTunes Store, and by using an Apple Music subscription.

Can iphone car chargers play songs from iphone? Why is iTunes saying my old songs will be deleted when I add new songs?

Download the Freegal Music app. The music will begin downloading into your iPhone's Music app. Tap this button to go to Freegal.

This displays the Amazon Download store on the main page. You can buy it from the iTunes store, or, if you already have music on your computer, you can drag it to the iTunes icon on your desktop.

Connect the phone, iTunes opens, drag and drop music on the iTunes screen to the iPhone in iTunes? Most streaming apps will require you to create a free account in order to stream. Search displays a search bar you can use to browse music by artist name or song title.

It will then suggest similar music. This button appears below the Congratulations screen. The tabs at the bottom of the screen give you different options for browsing music.

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Apparently I have to add individual files on the same folder. Freegal requires a library membership to use. It's the last option at the bottom of the Amazon Music menu.

Select the checkbox next to each item that you want to sync. Playlists displays all the playlists you created or liked.

If asks for log in information, type the email address and password associated with your library membership. It's at the top of the website on the right side below the navigation bar at the top.

Enjoy music on your iPhone 5

Then click on Apply and Sync. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Click the Apply button in the lower-right corner of the screen. And there are some functions of the iPhone such as restoring it after a serious crash that can only be done with iTunes on a computer.

Music streaming uses up a lot of data, so you'll likely want to connect to a wireless network if possible, especially if you're going to be listening for a while. Ipod skips over certain songs?

This displays your music purchases. It's in the sidebar to the left. This can take a few minutes if you're on a slow wireless connection or if you bought a whole album. It's the button with three vertical lines in the upper-left corner.

Type in a song, artist, or album name. Tap the iTunes Store app icon, which resembles a white star on a magenta background. For example, Spotify allows you to pick the exact songs you want to listen to, while Pandora will create stations based on artists, songs, or genres that you enter. Download the Amazon Music app for your iPhone.

How do people sneak small items like smartphones through metal detectors? You'll be able to listen to any downloaded Apple Music items even when you're offline. The interface for each streaming app is different, but generally you'll pick a station that you want to listen to and the app will begin streaming music. It's in the upper-right corner.

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How to Play Music and Movies on Your iPhone 5