From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, you can set how short or long you want the video to be, with a maximum runtime of four minutes. Loyal StumbleUpon users shouldn't worry too much, since Mix enables them to import their account into Mix fairly painlessly. Mix lacks cohesion, depth, and doesn't allow for varied interests. PlayStation Preview update brings player parties and chat transcription.

It has too few to hold my interest. Today is the last day to hit that Stumble button. But while you're celebrating the new, don't forget to pour one out to one of the pillars of the old internet as it passes quietly into the long night. It is primarily used to link to Twitter and Facebook statuses and updates. StumbleUpon uses collaborative filtering an automated process combining human opinions with machine learning of personal preference to create virtual communities of like-minded Web surfers.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The best thing about StumbleUpon, which made it addicting, was the like and dislike buttons that would help the app figure out what you were interested in viewing. Your email address will not be published. It's insulting for them to try and tell us it is.

The true randomness of Stumbl. You could endlessly click the Stumble button till you found something that piqued your interest. In the settings section of Stumbleupon you can further filter the types of webpages you may come across. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! This section needs expansion.

Farewell StumbleUpon

This section does not cite any sources. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Social networks have made it easier to discover articles, videos, or other links that you find interesting. You can also filter by YouTube categories. Here's how the stumbling algorithm works and how it chooses which sites to show you.

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So, here's our look at the top thirty websites that you probably don't know about. Serving priority dictates the order with which their web page is considered for placement, based on available inventory. Financial terms were not disclosed. Stumbleupon was far preferable.

Click a button and the link is added to your Collection, which you can read later on your mobile. Stumbleupon now serves over million brand and publisher sponsored placements per month. Scroll down for the next article.

Best StumbleUpon Alternatives for Time-Wasting

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Learn the keyboard shortcuts too for a better leanback experience. Thank you to our dear Stumblers for joining us in internet history. Archived official website at the Wayback Machine archive index.

You can click that button as many times as you want. Sort them by latest or top posts, go for the more controversial ones, or browse in any pattern you want. Read More and use Mix freely.

The site will immediately take you to another such link submitted by someone else. We never will get to see them all. Utility was never the focus, it was more about passing some time in an entertaining way. The best stumbleupon alternative needs to have A a diverse array of topics you can select from Mix does not have this. According to the announcement of the feature, StumbleUpon plans on adding additional Web sites in the future.

BlackBerry Messenger Shuts Down. Science Says Leangains Diet Works! Mix is nothing like StumbleUpon except for list creation, which was probably the least unique aspect of the former site.

Mix is nothing like Stumbleupon. Like StumbleUpon, it is completely random, but you can set a few parameters. Sixteen years after it started, microsoft photo StumbleUpon has called it quits. Rating Web sites update a personal profile a blog -style record of rated sites and generate peer networks of Web surfers linked by common interest.

We hope you find your next home with us at Mix. Garrett Camp screwed the pooch on this one. So again, paste an interesting link and get one more. If you are short of ideas, we have five websites which will give you more fun stuff to do on the vast internet. You can help by adding to it.

You kept clicking away at that button and finding things that are weird, wacky, and downright pointless. Mix even lets you import all your current StumbleUpon favorites, interests, and tags. Paid Discovery is StumbleUpon's ad system.

There's one in there for everybody, and it's one of the Internet's largest communities. This means the audience lands directly on their web pages, videos and photos. StumbleUpon and others like it have always been about interesting links. The best successor for StumbleUpon comes from Reddit, with a name that has an unfortunate expletive in it. Are you wondering what happened to StumbleUpon?

This version of StumbleVideo is optimized for the Wii's smaller screen resolution and offers similar functionality to that of the original version. Preferably if it was done by someone else because I really don't feel like giving money to those aholes after what they've done. This also means Discuvver is a better experience on desktops than mobiles.