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Like the other Syphon Filter games, this entry focuses on stealth combat and third person action. You move around a trap-filled world, engaging in fights with other characters.

When the soldiers uncover a terrible plot, only they can stop it and save thousands of lives. Play baseball the way you want in this great simulation title that has a varied selection of modes. This indie shooter has tons of charm and personality, no matter how low the price! The game centers around navigating randomly generated dungeons, killing enemies and gaining loot.

This fun golf game contains three modes of play. It also contains some fun bonuses, as well as extra modes to keep things interesting. Your email address will not be published. The main story sets you out in an open world, which you can travel around and discover new locations and athletes. Could you please link me to a Gfaqs or Wikipedia article about the game?

This sequel also adds a feline companion character who will help you during your journey. This fun game is easy to learn and incredibly addictive. You move different units on a grid-based board, gaining attack advantages based on your placement.

Also missing the Prince of Persia games. There are dozens of levels and minigames to experience, and you can even create your own level! Like the console games, Ghost of Sparta has you defeating large waves of enemies as you explore mythological and historical areas. Pick your favorite car and favorite track, navision erp software and drift your way into sweet bliss with this gorgeous racing game. Enjoy a round at the links with this fun and lighthearted take on the sport of golf.

You an also enjoy quick matches, exhibition matches, full tournaments, and more. This series is also well known for its memorable crash scenes, which highlight the insanity of the destruction. Experience the exciting one-on-one fighting of the SoulCalibur series, now in the palm of your hand! You can also play as a soccer team manager, choosing your player lineup and strategy. There is a bigger variety of weapons, exciting new quests, and bigger and badder monsters than ever before!

Top 100 Best PSP Games of All Time
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The gameplay is simple and easy to learn, but deep enough for decent strategy. Symphony of the Night is also playable. Read his posts here and connect with him on Youtube. The game features dozens of licensed teams from around the world, and sees them battling it out on the pitch for victory. Lob, slice, and smash your way to victory in a variety of modes.

25. Half-Minute Hero

In it, you fight through bloody war against the Chimera, an alien race that wants you dead at any cost. As a handheld version of a mainly console game, this port does an excellent job delivering the goods. Enjoy his wacky antics on an adventure for the ages.

The 25 best PSP games of all time

You can upgrade your ship by beating certain levels, and each defeated boss gives you a brand new weapon. As you progress, you unlock new abilities and units, and become better at the game.

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Role-Playing Simulation Sports Strategy. If you love rocking guitar and fun rhythm games, then this is the game for you. This indie puzzle action game takes a basic concept and makes it tons of fun with new elements. There are five difficulties to complete, and each level gives you a ranking when you beat it.

This sequel takes everything that made the original LocoRoco so cute and enjoyable and makes it even better. You control a group of the small creatures known as Patapons, and you direct their movement by banging a drum. Go one-on-one in this fast and technical fighting game, that contains beautiful animation and anime-inspired characters. You can also experience full seasons of baseball, run your own franchise, and much more!

This game follows the formula of previous Ys titles with some important changes. You can also face off against brand new bosses and enemies. Create your own team or pick your favorite and dive deep into an expansive and realistic soccer simulator.

Luckily, the king of the town has an important mission for them to complete. As you progress, new obstacles present challenge, such as planets, satellites, and more. In a sci-fi take on history, France and England are engaged in a brutal battle with demons. The game is well known for its bright and cheery attitude, as well as its fun and upbeat soundtrack. You can create your very own character and pick a class, such as mage, knight, and more.

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Using the rewards from these fights, you can level up your characters and purchase new skills and equipment. For the most part, the gameplay remains the same as the original game. When the Sun falls from the sky and the underworld threatens to overtake reality, Kratos must set out to put the world back in balance.

Like past Winning Eleven games, you can edit certain aspects of the game to better suit your needs and preferences. You can compete against friends in multiplayer battles if you get tired of the single player experience, as well. Compete against other golf fans in this wacky multiplayer title that adds a dash of fun to the sport.

The Show series, which focuses on tuning up pitching and batting as well as adding new features. You control Gabe, a specialized field agent, as he completes missions across a variety of locations.

In a world full of people turned into demons, only one boy remains human. Instead of pixelated graphics, the visuals are polygonal, and have a cute and bubbly aspect to them. You'll speed through vehicle levels, lord over Gadgebot objectives, play out Quark's exaggerated memories, and even blast away foes with Ratchet.

The game is also open world, which is a switch up for the otherwise linear series. You can also engage in multiplayer battles locally, providing an entertaining and wacky experience for you and your friends. This tactical shooter prioritizes strategy and precision over high fire rates and explosions. This allows you unlock new moves, chain other moves together into combos, and much more. This game features an exciting single player campaign as well as multiple modes for competitive multiplayer.

As the sixth game in the Wipeout series, the formula is pretty established. This entry in the Metal Gear Solid series was completely created by the main series creator, Hideo Kojima. This entry in the Outrun franchise is a complete remake of the original Outrun game. Series protagonist Gabe must use his stealth abilities to fix international problems once again.

Cortana's Halo Series Evolution. This game is great for fans of tactical action and strategy. Besides multiplayer and standard fights, you can also take on an expansive single player mode. Overall, Outrun is a fantastic racing game that took arcades by storm back when arcades were popular, that is.

25. Half-Minute Hero