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Select an output folder in Save in folder. Web-Based Help Search by keyword for step-by-step information on how to use different features in VideoStudio.

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It provides you total control over the movie production process, from adding clips, titles, effects, overlays, and music to making the final movie on disc or other medium. When you upload this page to your Web server, you need to change one line of code to reflect the relative links to the associated movie file. Click Start and begin speaking into the microphone.

You can use the rubber band to adjust the volume of the audio track of video clip and the audio clips in the Music and Voice tracks. Aside from trimming, you can also cut audio clips. Determines how the title appears in the scene. The Audio Step lets you select credits. Allows you to choose a capture plug-in for the driver that comes with the capture device installed on your computer.

Get all of the old features you loved about Ulead Videostudio and a whole lot more when you upgrade to the latest version of VideoStudio Pro. Creates a new Ulead VideoStudio project file. With frequent updates and newer versions, akhri chatan ptv drama Ulead Video Studio became more user friendly with improved editing features. Now with visual studio and. VideoStudio's Audio Step allows you to add both narration and music to your project.


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Repair VideoStudio if it does not work properly. Fixed general bugs and crashes.

It gets thinner and thinner until the video could no longer be played. The video can be cropped and trimmed at your will.

You can also click the text description under each video thumbnail for customization. Convert your dvd to digital video to enjoy it whenever and wherever! Storyboard View Timeline View Shows image thumbnails of your movie on Allows you to perform frame-accurate the timeline. Home Previous Returns to the starting frame. Select a Variation of the selected music.

Pinnacle Studio Logiciel Windows. Select No Pause to make the animation run seamlessly. Under Output, you may choose to allow the profile to compress the video file or not. When prompted, verify whether you want to delete the thumbnail from the Library.

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Exporting your movie VideoStudio provides you with a number of ways to export and share your movie, which will be discussed in the following sections. You can add the test in your video at any point. Use the controls on your analog device to scan your videotape and locate the footage that you want to capture. Preferences create Disc VideoStudio and want to optimize the performance, select the maximum amount possible. With Ulead Video Studio you can change the speed of the video as well as can reverse it.

Project Timeline Displays all the clips, titles, and effects included in your project. The audio and video portion can be made separate and the audio can be made to play at different speed. Determines the manner to which your video clip will be presented on the Timeline.

To specify a capture duration, enter the values in the Duration box in the Options Panel. If properties such as file format, frame size, etc. Click the Background and Shadow tab. Brighness and hue of the video can also be adjusted according to the need. In the Attribute tab, drag a handle on the overlay clip on the Preview Window to resize it.


Click Edit to rename or modify the description of a selected custom folder. In the Animation tab, select Apply Animation. Click Split to undo any Join actions that you have done. These indicators help determine if you have sufficient space to successfully burn your project onto the disc.

To specify the type of video source you are capturing from, click Options then select Video and Audio Capture Property Settings. Click Add and then choose the files you want to convert. Click Add key frame to set that frame as a key frame in the clip.

Creating Movie Templates Creating movie templates Movie templates contain settings which define how to create the final movie file. Displays the total duration of the selected music. It divides a project into a separate tracks for video, overlay, title, voice and music. The movie file will then be saved and placed in the Video Library.