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It would be impossible to put all the information that you will need in just one post. It's scratching the itch so far. Their headers are the only one's built around the k-member construction. We ordered a set a couple of weeks ago and they were here in no time. Show your support by donating any amount.

What motor plate did you use and headers? You will also need to do a build-up in the center of the cross member to get the back of the tranny at the same level you set the motor plate up with. Time to set the motor and trans in. Now you can do some fine tuning with side to side movement or upwards if you shim between the frame and the plate. The problem comes in on the drivers side with the steering shaft.

Seems too cheep to be true. With your measurement from the frame to the reference point on the plate, take that measurement and measure on the actual plate down the same length. Notice the header clearance on the passenger side. This requires a bump steer kit to offset the new angle going to the spindle. Don't be scared to try something different.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The clearance in the floorpan will effect the motor angle because the header which is bolted to the head won't allow it to tilt forward. If any one has any pics of a setup like this I would appreciate it. If the motor angle causes the shaft to become to close to the header, you can slide the motor back slightly to give it more room. My car came with a manual rack from a Mustang, so I left it in.

You do not want to cut back the entire length at this time, your just taking out the bottom corner! After cutting set the plate in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a kit on ebay for an f body i think i can make work. Hope somebody gets some use out of it. About done with my sons car and may get another fox body going. Don't forget to add the width of the board or whatever it is your using. But all info is greatly appreciated.

You have to create a path for the steering shaft to go through. Cut every tube and started from scratch.

What motor angle am I looking for, pinion angle? Next move the motor until you have room to install the steering shaft. Did u have any other problems putting it in?

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Ive never Dunn a ford to Chevy swap before. Will probably have to bite the bullet on headers this time. Do both side as they will be different somewhat.

Give him a call and he will set you up. The collectors themselves never touched the pan.

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You will need to measure and cut to length. When the setup is complete, you weld the fabricated mounts to the frame. Everybody I'm sure will do this different.

Get a good straight edge and draw the line. You should be able to bolt it to the front of the motor while resting it on the top of the frame rails.

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Take a look at my pics at the bottom of the page to see what I decided. That's not to say you can't have a custom set built. You can email me at kevsimons yahoo. Lay a board or something flat between the frame rails. Filhaal Video Song Download p Movie.

Just measure the available space, and give yourself an inch for clearance. Is there a good reference book to get to do this?

The track at Lufkin is an awesome track. Keep an eye on you steering shaft clearance as you work this.

There is also side to side and up and down room meaning that you need to use a level and square to get the motor straight. If there is any other suggestions please do. This is the only time I had to beat on the car. You may also decide to leave the hoist on as well if room allows.

Making the tranny crossmember. If the dimensions are not listed below, then i don't remember. On to the motor plate install. About Me taj jangaon wgl View my complete profile. The style racing pan I'm using sits low, so I used all the extra room it gave me.

If you don't mind could you e-mail me. Trying to sit the motor in. Dave, you know anything about Real Estate? Any idea what kind of numbers require running a mid? We ordered a set a couple of weeks ago and they were here within a week.

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